Measure WHEN Your Sales Happen

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Ecommerce companies that have grown smarter about data and analytics are starting to ask themselves questions that they may never have asked before. We are asking questions about how our users are interacting with our websites. We are asking questions about what marketing campaigns or special offers lead more people to purchase. We are asking questions about what elements of our website are preventing people from converting into paying customers.

But there is a question you are not asking, or have not asked yet, that could be just as important-

When do people buy from us?

In retail, or any type of business with a physical presence, it makes more sense. We want to know when our store is busy, so we can make sure to staff the right amount of people. And we might even run special offers to try to get people in the store during down times.

But online, the question might at first seem counter-intuitive. Online stores are open all the time. There is no staff required. People can buy when it’s convenient for them, so why do we care?

But the answers to that question are actually quite simple. By knowing when people buy, we can optimize our marketing efforts in the following ways:

  1. Send out special offer emails on days and during hours that are more likely to lead to conversions
  2. Make sure your live chat and phone support personnel are available during the busiest hours
  3. Utilize promotional banners and offers on the website to increase sales during times when purchases typically are lower
  4. Run your advertising campaigns during hours when they are most likely to have the desired impact
  5. Run disruptive tests or website/server updates during times when there is less risk to sales