Top Pricing Blog Posts

We always say it – pricing is one of the most under-appreciated, under-utilized tools in the marketer’s tool belt. If only every marketing manager and small business owner knew the power of pricing, they’d be so much better positioned to succeed.

Luckily, we have a few blog posts on the subject that can help. Today, we wanted to present our most-read blog posts on pricing from the past few years. Here they are:

  1. The 1% Theory of Pricing
  2. 3 Ways to Set Your Price (and Which Works Best)
  3. How to Successfully Charge a Higher Price
  4. Will You Match Your Competitor’s Price?
  5. What Your Price Says About Your Brand
  6. How to Make Variable Pricing Work for Your Business
  7. Low Price Wins
  8. Price Testing Explained
  9. Will You Honor an Expired Coupon?
  10. Do You Compete on Price?