New Series – Top Resources for Marketers


Learning is a lifelong process. I have always believed that and have made every effort to practice it in my own life. Whether for personal gain, career preparation and advancement, or corporate learning, the life of a marketer should be filled beginning to end with learning.

Without learning and development, we flounder. Technology passes us by. Potential lies undiscovered and dormant. Old skills stagnate and new ones fail ever to form.

Your value as a contributor and a leader decreases each day you are not learning something new.

With all that in mind, we are excited to introduce our new weekly blog series. Each Monday, we will highlight a great resource for marketers who are looking to learn new skills, technologies, and tools. Whether they are events to attend, training resources, or bloggers and experts to follow, these resources will be aimed at the lifelong learner.

Stay tuned next week, when we will present our first resource. We hope that you enjoy.