Top Advertising Blog Posts

Advertising is obviously a big part of marketing. Many people mistakenly understand the two terms to mean the same thing. As marketers, we know there is far more to marketing than just advertising. Nevertheless, we need to know advertising if we’re to succeed.

For that reason, we went back and collected the most widely-read blog posts on the subject. Here are the top ten advertising blog posts from the last several years:

  1. The State of Social Media Advertising
  2. How Many Times Will the Same Person See Your Ad?
  3. Ad Blockers are Here to Stay
  4. Not All Ad Placements are Created Equal
  5. Brand Advertising vs. Direct Response
  6. The Two T’s of Advertising Success
  7. Ethical Issues in Ad Targeting
  8. Selling with Sex
  9. Deceptive Advertising
  10. Marketing Myths: People Read