Content for Sales

Content marketing is not a strategy in and of itself. It can serve a number of different purposes within a larger strategy, such us link building or lead generation.

Content can also be used as a sales tool. Here’s how:

  • Marketers, working with the sales team, will learn about the key pieces of information that prospects are interested in when they move through the sales process. What are their most common questions? What are the major hurdles to the sale?
  • Then marketers take this information and create content. This content can come in the form or articles, blog posts, promotional flyers or leave-behinds, videos, tutorials, etc. The purpose of this content is to answer and prospect’s questions in a way that is memorable, valuable, and makes the product or service in question the logical solution to their needs.
  • Marketers supply the sales team with this content, either directly or indirectly through automated delivery systems. The content is then provided to prospects at different points during the sales process to encourage the sale.

This kind of content is very unique in that it is not intended for the public at large in most cases. It serves a very specific purpose for a very specific audience. Sometimes, that is the best kind of content you can create.