Benefits vs. Features

Companies do a lot of talking about features. Consumers care about benefits. And there we find one of the biggest thresholds that marketers need to cross in order to grow their businesses.

Features are cool. They’re fun to talk about. Members of the media love features. Companies talk internally about features all the time.

For all these reasons, many marketers discuss features (feature features?) in their promotional materials and advertisements.

Disconnect Alert!

Consumers aren’t shopping for features. They have a problem. They want to know if your product or service can solve that problem for them. They’re looking for the benefits. And if your marketing is feature-rich and benefit-poor, you are not likely to convince them to buy from you.

The trick for successful marketing is to turn features into benefits. Instead of listing the features, explain how they directly impact the consumer.

Below are some basic examples of how features can be turned into benefits:

  • Feature = 15 airbags
  • Benefit = rated safest four-door sedan on the market
  • Feature = we carry more brands than any other mattress store
  • Benefit = the right mattress for you
  • Feature = over 30 locations in New York City
  • Benefit = conveniently located no more than a few blocks from your home or office

Features are great. But they don’t sell. Benefits sell. So if you want to succeed, turn features into benefits.