Become Your Company’s Customer

The best way to experience your company, the brand and its products or services, through your customers’ eyes is to become a customer yourself.

Executives and marketers are always trying to get into the minds of their customers. We think, if only we knew exactly what they wanted, we’d be better able to serve them.

When you become your company’s customer, you will learn things that you can’t possibly know from the inside looking out. You will experience the purchasing process and any hang-ups that come with it. You will see what it feels like to receive the product and start to use it. You will find gaps in communication between company and customer, and know better how to fill them. You will experience customer service and any flaws in how they can serve you.

Anyone who wants to be sure that they are serving their customers in the best way possible must become a customer themselves.

Secret shopping” has always been an effective strategy in retail environments, which involves sending in undercover “spies” who look and act like real customers but are actually collecting data about their experience.

That same process can be used in almost any business. And who better to go undercover than those in charge of the customer experience?