Answer the Why

As marketers, we love to rave about our products. Given the opportunity, we can talk at great length about all the features that make our product the best product that was ever produced.

The problem is that for most purchases, for most consumers, the product is not what you’re selling. What you’re selling instead is the solution to somebody’s real-life problem.

It’s not the WHAT. It’s the WHY.

Customers care about whether your product will let them do something they want to do, fill a need they have, solve their problem, etc. And so, you need to answer the WHY.

“Why should I buy your product?”

You don’t answer that question by listing off the product’s features. You answer that question by starting with the problem that it solves and working backwards, allowing the consumer to “experience” your product in terms of the role it will eventually play in their lives.

Will it save time on a task they do often? Will it help them meet a goal they set for themselves? Will it make their family healthier?

When you sell the WHY, you are selling the benefit. You are selling happiness, or satisfaction, or freedom, or safety. Those are things we value far more than products.