New Series: Day One Strategy

Many of the best tools, experts, companies, or publications in the marketing space are there to help you improve your marketing campaigns and processes. But they assume that you are already have something in place that they can help you improve.

What if you’re starting from nothing?

The Day One Strategy series will be a weekly blog series aimed at starting from scratch. Each week, we’ll feature a topic, such as email list building or social media marketing, and offer a plan of action for getting started.

Maybe you’re a new brand or product. Maybe you’re opening up a new marketing channel. Maybe you’re simply new to the field and want to start with the basics.

Whatever the reason, we intend this blog series to be grounded in fundamentals, offering real life tips for those of you who are just now getting started in these areas.

It’s never too late to try something new. This series will help guide the way.

Stay tuned one week from today for the first installment.