Marketing Myths – Telemarketing Sucks

Welcome to the first edition of our brand new weekly blog series, Marketing Myths. Each week’s installment of Marketing Myths will aim to bust a commonly held belief about marketing. Last week, we busted the “Automation is Always Better” myth.

This week’s myth = Telemarketing Sucks

Ask most people on the street what they think of telemarketing and you’ll get some actively violent negative opinions. Very few of us can recall a time when we had a pleasant conversation with a telemarketer. But we can all remember several bad experiences.

Yet telemarketing still exists. If everyone hates something so much, you’d think businesses would smarten up and stop doing it. So why haven’t they?

Because the dirty little secret about telemarketing is that it works.

It is not for every company, or every industry, certainly. But most companies that still utilize this particular sales strategy are doing so because the value it adds is more than the cost of doing it.

Because all marketers and business owners are human beings, we also tend to have negative opinions of telemarketing. And too often this will keep us from investigating whether or not outbound phone calls can be good for our sales.

The fact that everyone hates telemarketing is not a myth. But if you take that one step further and believe that because everyone hates it, it doesn’t work, you’re making a big mistake.

Stay tuned next week for another myth. If you have a marketing myth you’d like me to bust, add it in the comments below.