Use Your Products

Yesterday, I challenged marketers to use their company’s website. Today, we move on to the products.

In writing this I’m reminded of an old commercial for Hair Club for Men. “Not only am I the president, I’m also a client.”

Why does that matter? Because it shows potential customers that the person pitching the product truly believes in it.

Often, we end up marketing products we don’t ever use. And while using the product is not a requirement, it certainly makes marketing them easier.

And so I challenge all marketers to become customers of their own company. Purchase the product (hopefully your company will reimburse you) so you can experience the whole process, from sale to delivery to use.

Along the way, you’re likely to take note of a few things you can change to improve the overall user experience. Maybe it’s the packaging or shipping method. Maybe it’s a missing feature or something that negatively effects the usability of the product.

Only when you experience your product in the same way that a customer does can you truly find the right messaging. Because you’ll be talking to them the way you’d like to be talked to if you were in their shoes.