What to do After an Email Oops

Marketers are people, and people make mistakes. Sometimes the wrong email goes out to the wrong group of people at the wrong time. When this happens, it can be easy to point the finger, cast blame, and bury your head in the sand. But those things don’t help. What does?

Here are a few things to do after you make a marketing email mistake:

  • Send out a correction. If the mistake is easy to explain, consider sending out a second email to the same group admitting to your mistake and potentially offering them something as a way of making it up, like a coupon or special announcement.
  • Make sure you reschedule the correct email. Sometimes you send an email to the wrong group. Sometimes you send it at the wrong time. In your efforts to pave over the mistake, don’t forget that there was an email you wanted to go out in the first place.
  • Identify what went wrong. Instead of casting blame, take steps to make sure that kind of mistake does not happen in the future. Start by walking step-by-step what went wrong. Was it carelessness, a lack of clarity, miscommunication, or an error forced by rushing through the job?

Admitting that mistakes happen is half the battle. Whoever made the mistake should be free to own up to it without fear of retribution. When your company culture allows for errors, you’ll be more likely to come through a mistake like this unscathed and better prepared to eliminate the same mistakes going forward.