3 New Marketing Emails to Create Today

Here are three new marketing emails you are likely missing from your arsenal.

1. Post Sale Reviews and Recommendations

When you make a sale, the job of marketing is not done. You want to turn your first-time customers into loyal customers and brand evangelists. One well-timed email can get them started in that direction.

The goal of this email is feedback. You want to know how they are enjoying the product they bought from you. You can include a short survey, a customer service number in case of any problems, and links to add testimonials or reviews on your own site or aggregators (like Yelp).

2. Sales Call Follow Up

Email can be a great tool to support sales efforts in any channel. If you deploy some sort of outbound calling, you can build smart email automation into the process that helps your salespeople generate higher returns.

Follow up a missed call with a “We’re sorry we missed you” email. Follow up a good initial conversation with a “Thank you for your time” email. Follow up a not interested with a “Brief overview in case your situation changes” email.

3. New Product Launches

Your database of customers and prospects all deserve to be informed when you come out with new products or services. This sort of grand announcement is usually made to press or PR lists. But you should be notifying everyone when you have something new that might interested them. Even if they don’t act on it by purchasing the new item, they may share the news with others, helping you further spread your message.

If you have all three, you’re in good shape. Maybe all you need is a pat on the back.