Do Your Salespeople Have a Script?

There is a common misunderstanding the world of sales that great salespeople are born, not made. I say it’s a misunderstanding not because there is no truth to it, but because it limits our ability to improve performance over time.

Yes, some people are born with the skills that make them better salespeople than others. But sales is also a skill that can be learned. We can prepare both the natural salesperson and the others to be better at their jobs, improving their performance over time.

And it starts with the right script.

When most people hear the word script, they get turned off. They picture a word for word pitch that every salesperson in an organization uses every time. They remember cold calls they have received where it was clear the person on the other end was reading to them.

But the right script is one that provides an outline. It is flexible enough to allow each individual seller to cater it to his or her own personal style. It offers major talking points that are proven to drive more sales. It varies by product, market, and customer segment.

The right script can make all the difference. It institutes a level of consistency that can help even the best salespeople convert more leads into paying customers.

So why don’t your salespeople have a script yet?