New Blog Series: Marketing Myths

Welcome to the first edition of our brand new weekly blog series, Marketing Myths. From the name of it, I’ll bet you can guess what we’ll be doing here. But just in case, here is our quick introduction:

Each week’s installment of Marketing Myths will aim to bust a commonly held belief about marketing. Marketing myths abound online. Whether they derive from truths and are misshapen in a game of online telephone, or are truths that only apply to one industry or channel instead of foundational truths that apply globally, or are simply lies someone made up claiming to be an expert, marketing myths are everywhere.

The reason for busting these myths is simple. They will destroy your marketing campaigns. When you believe in them, you put them into practice. And when you put them into practice, you learn the hard way that these myths were just that, myths.

I hope to help rid the world of some myths that I’ve seen all too often so that marketers and small businesses can avoid falling in to their traps.

Stay tuned next week for the first myth!