Don’t Wait for Perfect

We can spend hours, days, and weeks waiting for something to be perfect. Whether it’s an advertisement, a new product, a logo, a training program or a new hire, we have to learn to ignore that voice in our heads that is afraid.

A little fear and doubt can be good for us. They cause us to look at things in more than one way, to take the big picture into consideration and question the how and the why of what we’re doing. It gives us the ability to judge something, good or bad.

But that fear can be paralyzing. To be a perfectionist in a business sense is to delay launching. And launching has to be the goal.

There is no such thing as the perfect product. The best companies in the world, with the best products in the world, are not perfect. And they know it.

Google’s search engine isn’t perfect. They are working 24/7 to improve it. But that doesn’t keep people from using it.

Apple’s iPhone isn’t perfect. They fix bugs with each new release. But that doesn’t keep people from buying it.

If you are waiting for perfect, you’re going to miss your opportunity to succeed.


Launch and iterate.