Marketing Lists: Use it or Lose it

Companies work hard to build massive lists of people that they can sell to. They grow email lists through promotions and incentives. They generate sales leads by producing freebies and giveaways. They purchase entire databases of potential customers.

And they do it all with good reason. The more people you can reach with your marketing efforts, the more potential business you can drum up through outbound sales activities.

But what happens when you wait too long to anything with those lists?

Any marketing list, no matter how you plan on using it (phone, email, or direct mail), loses value with age. In the most competitive industries, it is the company that reaches a customer first that usually wins their business. And so the longer you wait, the greater the risk of losing out on that new customer.

What does that mean for your business?

It means you must act fast. If you don’t use the list, you lose it. Create a strategic plan and have it in place before you ever collect the names. Know how you’re going to conduct your outreach and be ready to say “go” the moment you have the list in your possession.

When you wait, all you are doing to letting those hot leads cool off. And any good salesperson will tell you that a cold lead is hardly a lead worth calling.