Marketing Definitions: Leads

Welcome to the latest edition of our new weekly blog series, Marketing Definitions. Each week, we will identify an oft-used term or phrase in the marketing community and break down its use and meaning for the broader population.

Last week’s term that we defined was Paid Search.

Today’s Term = Leads

In marketing, we use the term “lead” most often when we’re talking about sales. You might hear “sales lead” instead, further linking the two.

A lead is a prospective sale. In the business to business world, it might be a business or individual decision-maker within that business. In the business to consumer world, a lead is most likely an individual.

These leads, or prospects, are potential clients that your sales efforts will be aimed at.

A few related terms:

Cost per lead = the amount spent to acquire each prospect. This is a useful metric in measuring advertising effectiveness.

Lead conversion rate = the amount of prospects that turn into paying customers. This metric helps you measure the effectiveness of sales programs, salespeople, or the quality of the leads.

Lead generation = refers to the activities used to acquire prospects. This could be online advertising, email marketing, cold calling, direct mail, list purchases, etc.

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