3 Ways to Segment Your Lists for Better Results

Regardless of whether you use email, phone calls, or direct mail to follow up with people on your marketing lists, you can get better results through segmentation.

Segmentation is the practice of grouping individuals into buckets based on common attributes. Doing this allows you to tailor messages more directly to those individuals rather than creating a message broad enough to apply to the full list.

Here are three ways you might consider segmenting your list for better ROI:

  1. Based on location. When you segment based on location, you can do a few things that will help you connect more directly with prospects. First, you can time calls and emails appropriately based on time zone. Second, you can use language and imagery in emails and postal mail that corresponds with the area someone is located. Third, if you have physical locations, you can tie promotions to the prospect’s nearest store.
  2. Based on gender. Most companies target both men and women with their marketing programs. But studies have shown that men and women respond differently to different types of promotional message and offers. By segmenting your list, you can target one message or theme to women and another to men. This can work in emails, calls, and mailings.
  3. Based on product interest. If you know what your prospects are interested in, or you are putting together a campaign to existing customers, you can use their product interest to your advantage. Create separate offers for each product or product category that you offer. That way you are offering the “right” product to the “right” audience, increasing the likelihood that they will act on your offer.

There are an infinite number of ways you can break your lists down into smaller and smaller segments. The key is to find the optimal number and size of your segments so that you are maximizing your ROI.