Zach Heller Marketing Week in Review

What are we talking about when we talk about putting customers first? From a marketing standpoint, it means taking a long, hard look at their journey, from the moment they identify a need, to doing the research, to interacting with your brand across any channel, to making the decision to purchase. The time for building a marketing and sales plan that suits you is over. You have to go to where the customers are, and give them what they’re looking for to help them make a decision. It can be difficult to remove yourself from the day to day and really look at your brand from the outside, but that much is critical to your future success.

Here are last week’s posts for your reading pleasure:

  1. Marketing Definitions: Conversions
  2. Qualities to Look for in Marketing Hires
  3. Qualities to Avoid in Marketing Hires

Happy Saturday!

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