Is that the right marketing message?

Do you know why your customers are your customers? Why did they choose you over all the alternatives? Was it price? Benefits? Convenience?

The answers to those questions are what good marketers use to attract more customers and grow a business. Without them, you are really just guessing.

I might know the facts about my business. I know we are cheaper than X competitor and offer a better product than Y competitor. I know the details about how our products work.

But everything I know, I know from the inside. I am too familiar with the company, with the products, and with the industry to be able to accurately “see” things the way a customer would.

I need real customers to tell me how they “see” the company. Surveys, focus groups, market research, and good old fashioned testing can help you find out what kinds of marketing messages speak to people. You may find that people are purchasing from you for reasons you never even considered, or that one thing your team thought was so important actually does not register with your customers one bit.

The right marketing message is the one that answers the WHY. As in, “why should I buy what you’re selling?”