New Blog Series – Psychological Hacks for Marketers

Our human brains are not perfect. But it’s not their fault. We simply ask too much of them. With so much information to take in and interpret, they have evolved certain shortcuts.

These shortcuts and tendencies have been studied, researched, cataloged and explained by scientists across a variety of disciplines. And as marketers, there are ways that we can apply these learnings to improve the likelihood that our products and services get noticed and chosen by consumers.

That is the theme of our brand new blog series, launching next week. We call it Psychological Hacks for Marketers. Each week, we will introduce a new shortcut that the consumer’s brain takes and how the craft marketer can take advantage.

You will learn simple things you can do to increase sales. And along the way you will identify these shortcuts and biases in your own decision-making, providing a fun and eye-opening experience.

I hope you’ll join us, starting one week from today.