Can Email Boost Social?

Yes. Of course email can impact social. For good and for bad.

Marketing is not one thing. Nor is it a collection of things that live in their own silos. Rather the entirety of marketing is made up of a million little interconnected things – processes, tools, channels, words, images, people.

Email marketing, when used properly, can positively impact many other marketing channels and processes. And social is one of them. Here’s how:

  • When you use email to promote content, you can use social sharing options to get readers to help you share that content with their networks.
  • When you host a social media drive contest or giveaway you can use email to drive more people to it.
  • When you open up a new social media channel you can use email to let your existing customers know about it.
  • When you use email as part of your referral program you naturally tap into your customers’ social networks.
  • When you publish a new video on YouTube or Facebook you can let people know about it with an email.
  • When a new customer buys something online you can use an onboarding email to get them to follow you on social media.
  • When a new customer shops in your store you can offer them future discounts by connecting on social media.
  • You can email existing customers encouraging them to review your products on your site or third parties, giving you testimonials that are perfect for social media.