Prioritize New Hires

For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, one of the greatest joys that comes from running your own business is being able to hire new employees. It just feels good to be a job creator, to give others an opportunity they might not have otherwise had.

May we all be so lucky to be able to hire new people. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Or at least you shouldn’t rush into it.

Because the big question remains, who should you hire?

The keys to prioritizing new hires:

  1. Fill a gap – hire someone who can do something you urgently need and can’t do yourself
  2. Free up your time – hire someone to take on tasks you’re doing that are keeping you from more important chores, like growing the business
  3. Open new doors – hire someone who knows how to do something you don’t, preferably someone who can lead new growth, ie. Product development, marketing, business development, sales

For a small business, your first hires are incredibly important. As the team grows, those first hires will help you lead and grow, helping to establish a culture and define strategy. So make sure you are hiring the right people, for the right positions.