Underrated Series – Part 6

Welcome to the latest edition of our new weekly blog series, The Underrated Series. Each week, we will highlight an important, often underrated component of marketing success.

Last week’s underrated topic was surveys.

What are we underrating this week? Name/logo recognition.

Large companies spend millions of dollars every year on branding. Why? Because they want customers who are not just aware of their brand, but so aware of their brand that they know what it stands for in their subconscious.

The more consumers know your brand, the less you have to do to sell them. In other words, the rest of your marketing will be more effective if the customer is familiar with your brand.

But smaller companies often discount the value of name recognition. Or they know that it’s important but they don’t know what they can do about it. Branding is too expensive, they say.

But it doesn’t have to be. There are some things every company, no matter how small, should be doing to help build their brand recognition.

Develop and keep strict branding guidelines. Logos, fonts, colors, treatments, etc. should be clear and consistent across all channels, from social media, to your website, to marketing materials, and down to the actual product. They should be present everywhere, and tied to a set of core beliefs your company stands for.

Include a company backstory, relate to your customer base, and participate openly in public discussions around your products or industry. Contribute content in the form of written articles or videos. Participate in trade shows, give presentations, and advertise within your means.

Patience and consistency are key. Don’t stray away from the brand.

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