Email Marketing is Mobile Marketing

Last week I posted on how to get started with mobile marketing. And as soon as I did, the feedback started coming in. And it wasn’t all pretty.

The common theme was this: Email marketing is not mobile marketing.

People took issue with the fact that I included email on a list of mobile marketing strategies. Email marketing is its own thing, an entire category separate from mobile, they argued. But let’s look at the facts here.

  1. Mobile marketing by definition is a promotional activity designed for delivery to cell phones, smart phones, and other handheld devices, usually as a component of a multi-channel campaign.
  2. As of January 2015, a US Consumer Device Preference Report said that 66% of all email in the US was opened on a mobile device, including tablets.

I really don’t think we have to look much further than those two facts to prove that email marketing is most definitely a mobile marketing strategy.

I agree that email marketing can stand alone. I also agree there are other mobile strategies, just see last week’s post for a full list.

But I can’t see an argument against email marketing as mobile marketing. If you are engaging in email marketing, you are engaging in mobile marketing, whether you mean to be or not. And if you want email to continue to work for you, it’s imperative that you acknowledge that most of your recipients are opening and reading your emails on their phones and tablets.