Is Your Business a Scam?

You know the answer to that question is “No”. At least I hope you do.

But your customers don’t know that. And if this is the first time someone is considering buying something from you, they are asking themselves that question before making that decision.

Acknowledging the fact that they are asking that question is the first step to helping them answer it. Too often we are so locked into our own perspective of the companies we manage or market, that we refuse to see things from the customer’s perspective.

So how do you help them answer that question?

  1. Social Proof – yesterday’s post on social proof explains how companies can use the actions of others to influence prospective customers. If others are doing it and enjoying it, it must not be a scam.
  2. Third Party Trust – the Better Business Bureau is a great example of a third party organization that can let people know you are a legitimate business.
  3. Press – getting positive media coverage is a great way to tell people that you are who you say you are.
  4. Free Trials – get rid of the fear entirely by letting them “try before they buy”.

Everyone in the world knows what it feels like to get ripped off. And if they have never bought from your company before, they worry that you just might rip them off. The 4 solutions above are just a few of the ways that you can help them overcome that fear, leading to more sales.