Is BBB Accreditation Worth It?

Is your business accredited by the BBB?

The Better Business Bureau is one of the longest standing consumer trust organizations in the country. Their mission is to protect consumers from deceptive businesses or business practices.

Being accredited by the BBB means that they have reviewed your business practices and put their stamp of approval on what you are doing. It’s a symbol to consumers that you are who you say you are, that the claims you make on your website and in your promotional material are true, and that the likelihood you’re going to rip them off is low.

If your business is not accredited, you likely still have a business listing on the BBB website. And you will have a grade, from A+ to F, telling consumers what the BBB thinks of you. If you’re accredited, it will say so on that listing. If not, it will tell people you’re not accredited.

Determining whether or not BBB accreditation makes sense for you depends on several factors.

  1. Are you accredited or certified by any other third party organizations?
  2. Do you have a strong rating with the BBB?
  3. Does third-party accreditation matter to your customers?

If there are no other companies or organizations giving you their stamp of approval, you have a less than stellar rating with the BBB, and accreditation matters to some percentage of the market, then you may want to look into BBB accreditation.

It’s fairly cheap and easy to register.

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