How to Develop Content – Who

Content comes in many forms. It can be the text on your website. It can be an article you’re developing. It can be the copy for an ad.

But the first step when developing any content, no matter what it’s for, is to know your audience.

Who are you writing it for? Who do you intend to read it?

You would not write the same way to a young father as you would a teenage girl. You would not write the same way to a business executive as you would to a music festival goer.

The audience will help you define your tone, your writing style, the language and vocabulary you’ll use, the format of your content, and its length.

Knowing who you’re writing for helps you decide what and how to write it. Without that crucial first step, you’ll never develop content that connects with your audience.

How can you expect to connect with your audience if you don’t know who they are?