Small Changes Can Have Big Impacts

Yesterday’s post about website testing brought in a number of questions about website changes and testing in general. It seems that there is a general consensus, at least among my readers, that testing is important for marketers. But what to test is a point of debate.

Big or small?

Many marketers tell me that testing small changes is not good enough. They are looking for, or their bosses are looking for big impacts. They want results that matter – double digit increases in sales, twice the amount of conversions, more visits, more money, more everything.

I understand that. We all have goals to hit. We all have bosses to answer to.

But the truth about testing is that small changes can have big impacts. Changing the copy on a button can increase clicks by 10%. Simplifying a form can lead to a 20% increase in the number of people that submit it. Something as simple as swapping out an image has led to increases of up 50% in landing page conversions.

On a large enough scale, any increase is a big one. Think about going from 20 sales per day to 22. That’s a 10% increase. But if each sale is worth $100, that’s $200. Over the course of a year that’s an additional $73,000.

Make a few small changes that each have a 10% increase and you’re talking about a really big transformation for your business.

So the key with testing is, nothing is too small. You don’t know what will have the biggest impacts until you start.