When to Start Marketing to Someone

Do we market to the masses or do we market to individuals?

I think that’s an important question to ask. Companies used to spend their money marketing to the masses. Now, it’s important to market to individuals, even if it’s on a massive scale.

People are different. Their needs are different. The way they make decisions are different.

So how is a marketer supposed to know when an individual is “ready to be marketed to”?

  • If they’re looking for something you offer
  • If they have a need you can fill
  • If they have a problem you can solve
  • If they will soon have that need or that problem
  • If they’re unhappy with your competitor
  • If they’re shopping your competitor
  • If they've asked you directly to market to them

It’s important for marketers to do their best to identify when people fit into one of these categories. The marketing message may change depending on which bucket they fall into, but all of them deserve attention.

Some are easier than others. When someone is actively looking for you, it’s easier than if they have a problem you can solve but aren’t broadcasting it.

But the sooner you start marketing to them once they fall into one of these buckets, the more likely you are to acquire them as a customer.