Market To Mondays – Part 1

Welcome to the very first edition of our brand new weekly blog series, Market To Mondays. Each week, we will introduce you to a new group of people you should market to. We’ll tell you who they are, why you should market to them, and how you might get started.

Today’s Group = Website Visitors

People who visit your website are interested in what you do. They may have searched for you. They may have clicked on an ad. They may have found you in social media. Or they may be a past customer who is coming back for more.

Regardless of how they got there, the point is that they got there. And that means two things: they’re interested, and you’re at the top of their mind at that moment.

These two things make them an excellent group to market to.

But how?

First you market to your website visitors while they’re on your website. You do this by designing a great website, one that highlights key offers, answers all the questions someone has about your products, and employs effective calls to action.

But not everyone will purchase from you right away. So next, you market to them after they leave your site. You do this through retargeting. You can serve ads to your website visitors across the web and social media sites through networks and services like Google, AdRoll, and Retargeter. You can control how often they see your ad and how long you continue to serve them ads before stopping.

In addition to retargeting, you can use email to market to your website visitors. Create an opt-in list for people who are interested but not quite ready to buy. That way, they can sign up to keep in touch and you can continue to contact them after they’ve gone.

And maybe you already have an email marketing program. If someone visits your website and they’re already in your email list, you can send them an email soon after they visit while you’re still at the top of their mind. Studies show those “activity-based” emails have the best response rate.

Your website visitors are a great audience to market to because the hard part is already done. They already came to your website. Now you’re just convincing them to buy.

What group should we cover next? Now accepting submissions for audiences that we will cover in an upcoming “Market To Mondays” post. Submit your ideas via our contact page or in the comments section below.