How a Social Media Contest Can Grow Your Brand

We’ve all seen them. Contests are one of the most popular ways that companies participate in social media.

Why do they do it? And does it work?

The answers to those questions might vary by company, by industry, and depending on who you ask. But here is a quick summary of how social media contests can help you grow your brand.

First the why:

  • Social media is naturally interactive, lending itself to contests
  • Contests are not direct promotion, which is a no-no in social media
  • Contests encourage sharing, a must have for social media success
  • People want to win something

Contests don’t turn people off, like a lot of other types of content that brands share online. They encourage interaction. They get people excited. And they go viral.

All those factors make contests the perfect social media tool.

Now the how:

  • Offer a prize that people actually want
  • Relate the contest and prize to your brand
  • Ask people to submit something to enter
  • Ask people to share, either through a call to vote or as part of the entry process
  • Define the open submission period, any voting period, and the day you will announce the winners
  • Post it across all your social media sites and continue to do so for the length of the contest
  • Announce a winner

Contests should be easy for people to enter, and even easier for them to share with their friends and family. The key to a successful contest is in the amount of people it reaches.

Contests help grow your brand by exposing it to more people than would ever see an ad or other type of social media post. You are relying on the consumers to promote your contest for you because it’s such an incredible opportunity.

Contests don’t lead to sales, directly. But a good contest grows your reach. And that, in the long run, will lead for more sales.