Make 2016 a Growth Year

What are your business goals for the New Year? Is growth one of them? It should be.

Growth should always be a goal for marketing. As marketers, it’s our job to bring in more customers, more revenue. Growth is in our job descriptions.

Maybe your company clearly defines goals for the year, maybe they don’t. Maybe you have individual performance goals you have to reach, maybe you don’t.

But whatever your situation, do me a favor. Start now. Make a list of goals for 2016. Make them concrete. Things you want to learn. Campaigns you want to run. Products you want to launch. Technology you want to obtain.

Then, when you have your list, take a moment to write down how each one of those things is going to help your company grow.

And as the calendar turns and you find yourself in the grind of another year, don’t ignore that list. Work toward it each and every day. Ask yourself, is what I’m doing helping the company grow?

Those who commit themselves to growth in 2016 will grow. It starts with a mindset. It starts now.