Can Marketing Change the World?

I’ll bet that when most people think about marketing, they immediately think about one thing. That one thing may be different, depending on who you are.

It may conjure up an image of the used car salesman or the annoying telemarketer. It may make you think about television commercials. It may make you think about holiday promotions (especially this time of year).

For the most part, people have a negative association with marketers. Even some in the marketing profession that I’ve spoken with see some of what they do as “scammy”, “misleading”, or “gimmicky”. They convince people to buy things they might not otherwise buy.

But marketing has the power to change the world…for the better. Don’t believe me?

Over the course of the next several weeks I’ll be publishing a mini-series of articles on different ways that marketers can, and have, had a positive impact on the world. My hope is that it changes your opinion on marketing, even just a little bit, and inspires marketers to do better.

Stay tuned next Monday for the first part in the series, and thanks for reading!