You are NOT your Target Market

There are a lucky few marketers who are also consumers of the product that they promote. But for the rest of us, it is critical to our success to remember that we are not our target customer.

It can be tempting when you are developing your marketing plan to think about what you might respond to. Would I search this term? Would I click on this ad? Would I fill out this form? Would I pick up the phone and call this number?

But that’s the wrong way to frame those questions, since you might react and respond to things differently than people who are in the target market.

That’s why marketing personas are so popular. By creating a customer persona, identifying them and giving them a name, you take yourself out of the equation.

Instead of “would I click on this ad” it’s “would Sally click on this ad”.

Instead of “would I fill out this form” it’s “would Mark fill out this form”.

It’s okay to market to people in a way you personally don’t like, if it works for your target market. In fact, doing it any other way would be incorrect.