Marketing Yourself on LinkedIn (revisited)

In January I published this post on marketing yourself on LinkedIn.

Recently, I’ve been asked by a number of people how to stand out in a given field or profession. Many people asking this question or in one of two positions – either they are actively searching for a job in their field, or they are interested in building their professional profile via conference speakerships, paid writing opportunities, etc.

And part of my answer always comes back to taking advantage of LinkedIn. But I realized that the old post wasn’t good enough anymore. LinkedIn, like the public growth company it is, has made a number of changes since that post went live. Those changes mean that each and every one of us now have new ways to utilize the platform for self-promotion.

Here are 4 new things you should be doing on LinkedIn:

  1. Publish and share content – LinkedIn has become a popular content hub. People share content from around the web, publish original content, comment on and discuss articles and topics. Joining the conversation is a great way to boost your personal brand among others in your industry or areas of interest.
  2. Fill out new sections on your profile – You can now add skills, get endorsed by others in your network, add certifications and coursework, achievements, volunteer work, publications, awards, causes, projects, patents and more. A fuller profile is a more impressive one.
  3. Update your summary – I remember when people first started using LinkedIn, summaries were short and to the point, like an ‘objective’ line on a resume. Today, you get more benefit out of a full description of your background, beliefs, and experiences. Tell people more about who you are and what you stand for.
  4. Add media – You can now add documents, videos, and presentations to showcase your past work. Instead of just describing your work, you can show it off.