Advertising to Drive Inbound Calls

In digital age we live in today, many marketers make the mistake of thinking that all consumers want is a website with an ecommerce experience that they can use to purchase whatever they need. And so they spend all of their time and energy creating a state of the art online shopping experience. They measure things like conversion rate, traffic, and abandonment. And they spend money on bringing more traffic into the process.

What’s missing?

The personal touch is missing. People don’t buy things from brands or websites, they buy things from people. And most companies could benefit from live salespeople for consumers to talk to in the decision-making process.

Here is a strategy you can use to start driving more interaction with your prospects and more sales over the phone:

  1. Hire a sales team if you don’t have one already, and give them the tools and information that they need to complete sales over the phone. Make sure you have enough people working at the times needed to handle all incoming calls.
  2. Clearly promote your inbound sales number throughout your website, so that visitors and shoppers can’t miss it. As they get deeper into the checkout process, it should be even more visible, in case they get hung up or confused.
  3. Everywhere you advertise, include the phone number for people to call in addition to your URL. Make it clear that people can get all the information they need, and can complete a transaction over the phone.
  4. Measure to compare conversion rates over the phone and on the web to see which is more effective at getting people to purchase.