Marketing Tricks Your Mom Taught You

When you were a kid you learned a lot from your parents. And even when you weren’t actively learning, you were picking things up through experience. But you probably didn’t know you were learning how to be a better marketer.

Here are five key things you learned from your Mom that you should apply to your marketing:

  1. Be kind to others.” As marketers, we have to remember that our job is all about helping people find things they are looking for, or things that they need. This will help you craft a positive message to those people you are trying to help.
  2. “Clean up after yourself.” Our work is never done until it’s been tested and perfected. Never let a piece of marketing go out before it is proofread, cleaned up, and perfected.
  3. “Don’t take candy from strangers.” Trust is incredibly important for marketers. We need to remember that consumers are not going to be very trusting of us if they have never heard of us before. We need to get their permission to market to them, and deliver on our promises.
  4. “Be yourself.” Your brand is important. Your marketing should help tell the story of your brand. Don’t try to be something you’re not, or make unnecessary claims that you cannot support. Consumers will buy from companies they believe in.
  5. “Never give up.” Marketers have to have a thick skin. We will make mistakes. We will produce campaigns that don’t succeed. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try something new.