If You Only Do One Thing – Part 3

Welcome to the latest installment of our new weekly blog series, If You Only Do One Thing. Every Monday, we will discuss one thing that you can start doing today to improve your marketing performance.

With so much advice floating around from so many different sources, it can be tough for marketers and small business owners to know where to focus. This series aims to help you out. Last week’s thing was Create a Mobile Website.

Today’s Thing = Create a Facebook Page

Can we all agree finally that Facebook is not a passing trend? It’s here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. And some of the changes that they have made over the last couple of years have been all about helping business and marketers use the service to reach new audiences.

So, as marketers, we need to spend more of our time with Facebook. With 1.3 billion active monthly users, the potential is there to really grow your business.

And without spending a penny, you can create a brand page that opens the door to all those users. Here is a link to Facebook’s own content about how to set up your page and use it to attract people to your business.

Creating a page on Facebook allows to you generate a following. You can join in the conversation that may already be happening around your products or services. You can deliver fresh and interesting content to people in their newsfeeds. You can answer questions, or make special offers that only Facebook users can see. You can host fun contests and ask users to help generate content with you.

And if you start to see your free page paying off, it opens the doors to test Facebook’s ad platform, which allows you to show custom content and promote your products to even more of Facebook’s user base.

Facebook is one community marketers can’t ignore.

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