If You Only Do One Thing – Part 6

Welcome to the latest installment of our new weekly blog series, If You Only Do One Thing. Every Monday, we will discuss one thing that you can start doing today to improve your marketing performance.

With so much advice floating around from so many different sources, it can be tough for marketers and small business owners to know where to focus. This series aims to help you out. Last week’s thing was Install Google Analytics.

Today’s Thing = Survey Your Customers

Surveys are powerful tools that are often ignored or underutilized. As a business owner or marketer, we get all wrapped up in the product and the marketing from our own point of view. But it’s our customers who will ultimately determine our fate. So why don’t we get their point of view?

That’s what surveys are for. And they can take many different forms. They can come in the form of in person interviews, phone calls, online surveys delivered via email or right on your website, focus groups, etc.

What information can you glean from customer surveys?

The short answer is, anything that will help your business. Find out demographic information, like age, gender, and income. Find out shopping habits, such as what they’re looking for, who else they buy from, how they found you. Find out how satisfied they are, what problems they’re having, how your offering is better or worse than others, and what suggestions they have for improvements.

The goal is to end up with a better understanding of who your customers are and how they experience your product or service so that you can improve and find more people like them.

There is no wrong time to survey customers. You can ask questions of your website visitors, you can call customers a certain amount of time after they purchase, or send out an email to all customers at once with an online survey. The more information you can get, the more you will understand who they are and how they view your brand.

Instead of making decisions internally, surveys allow you to react to real information directly from the people that matter most, your customers.

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