What to Test – Part 7

Welcome to the latest edition of our new weekly blog series, What to Test. Each week, we will introduce a new test idea. We’ll explain why it’s important to test it, what you might learn, how to carry out the test, and what to measure in order to determine a winner. Last week we tested Navigation Titles.

The Test = Trust Seals


Why not, has a seal ever done anything to you? Just kidding.

By trust seals, of course I mean badges that convey trust to the user or consumer. Think about the BBB, Verisign, Consumer Reports or any other third party accreditor, regulator, or certification provider. They all exist, in one way or another, to help protect consumers from making the wrong choice. They regulate commerce in a way that discourages businesses from behaving badly.

And as consumers, we know and trust them. More so than we might trust a company we have never heard of. How can you use that to your advantage?

You can get them to give you their stamp of approval, and then display it proudly for all to see. A trust seal is a badge of honor telling consumers that you can be trusted to do what you’re telling them you will do. And, when displayed on your website or in an advertisement, it can increase your response or conversion rate.


This is a real easy one to test in an ad. Just create two identical versions of any advertisement, one with the seal and one without it. To track it properly, use two different phone numbers or URLs. The one that gets more calls or visits wins.

Online it can be a little bit tougher, but not too much. Here, you can just create a duplicate version of your landing page and add the seal to it. Test it by splitting your traffic between the two pages, using either Google’s Webmaster tools or by setting up a landing page test in one of your ad campaigns. Once your test is live, measure the conversion rate of those pages against one another. The higher conversion rate page wins.

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