Reinvent the Steal

A while back I sat down to write a book I was titling, Reinvent the Steal. It was a play off of the idea that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful in business. In each chapter I would detail a successful business strategy that one or more companies had used to achieve success, and recommend ways that you, as the reader, could take those strategies and make them your own.

It was a book for entrepreneurs, for marketers, for curious minds. For whatever reason, I stopped about halfway through it.

But the people behind a new site I found the other day seem to have picked up somewhat where I left off. Venture over to and you will find an array of ideas for marketers to steal.

Why? The thought is that creatives come up with a million ideas that they never use for one reason or another. But those ideas should not go to waste. So anyone can upload their own ideas to the Ideas to Steal Today site, and others can browse through them and “borrow” them for their own purpose.

It’s a community of marketers sharing their ideas. And I love it.

Check it out today, you might find something worth using!