How to Write a More Effective Subject Line

The rules of effective subject lines have changed over the years. But one thing has remained the same. That is the fact that a good subject line is one that gets people to open the email.

And how can we expect people to open an email if they don’t connect with the value you’re offering in the subject line (assuming you’re offering value at all).

So the one rule you must live by to be a successful email marketer is to always offer value in your subject lines.

How do you offer value?

1. Present an irresistible offer

If your email is about a special promotion, a new product, or a sale or discount, make sure you put that information into the subject line. Tell people that this is their chance to save money on something that they are already interested in. And tell them how much they can save, with the details of how they can take advantage sure to follow if they just open up the email.

2. Create a sense of urgency

Is this the last time they will see this offer? Is there a deadline to act? Creating a sense of urgency is an age-old best practice in marketing, because it creates an emotional response with readers. When something requires immediate action, it makes people take notice. It is harder to ignore a message with a deadline or time stamp on it, rather than just a general subject line about a product or service.

3. Give them a reason to read

Maybe your email doesn’t contain a special offer. Maybe there is no real urgency. In that case, simply use the subject line to tell people why they want to read the email. Give them a hint or a sneak peak at what’s inside. Make it easy for them to guess what’s in it for them. Spotify sends me an email each week with the subject line, “New Music on Spotify”. Simple, to the point, and if I want to listen to new music that day, I will open it up.

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