How to Land That Job – Series Recap

It’s tough to say goodbye. But alas, we have reached the end of our weekly blog series on finding and getting a job in marketing. I hope that the last ten weeks have helped to enlighten and inspire all of those out there who continue to look for their dream job.

And for those college grads that will be joining the work force in the next month, here is your chance to catch up on the tips provided in this series:

  1. Part 1: Where to Look
  2. Part 2: Your Resume
  3. Part 3: Create a Portfolio
  4. Part 4: Do Your Research
  5. Part 5: Pitch an Idea
  6. Part 6: Interview Do’s
  7. Part 7: Interview Don’ts
  8. Part 8: Post-interview Work
  9. Part 9: The Negotiation
  10. Part 10: First Day at the New Job

The series may be done, but the conversation doesn’t have to be. Use the comments below or Twitter to share your #marketingjobs and #interviewtips with the rest of the community.