The Next Big Thing in Marketing

Is it Pinterest? Is it apps? Is it SMS messaging?

The next big thing in marketing is always changing. Depending on who you listen to, what you read, and where you are, the next big thing in marketing could be one of a hundred different things.

But here’s the truth: the next big thing is not always going to be as good as the last big thing.

Often, the sexiest thing is not the most effective. In fact, the most effective marketing might be some of the dullest and most basic. And unless you have a huge marketing budget, where it is okay to “waste” money trying something new and unproven, you should stick to the tried and true marketing practices that can help you grow.

What’s tried and true?

  1. Email marketing
  2. Paid search
  3. Direct mail
  4. Print
  5. TV

The next big thing might be exciting. You might like to brag to your colleagues and friends that you’re doing something they have never done before. But I’d much rather show them results.