The Only Email Marketing Rule that Matters

golden rules.jpg

A while back I posted my “50 Golden Rules of Email Marketing”. And though I think there is a lot to learn about email marketing if you want to be successful, there is one rule that I keep coming back to time and time again. It is far and away the most important rule, not only in email marketing but in every aspect of a marketer’s job.

From the list, it is #41. And it reads:

#41 – Treat every email that you send as a chance to test something new.

A marketer’s job is never done. Success is only a step in the right direction. And in today’s world, where we can track and analyze every aspect of a marketing campaign and customer behavior, there is no excuse for not trying to outdo yourself.

Testing is not the only way to get better. But it’s the best way to get better. It gives you real numbers to work with, real objectives to meet, and real, measurable value.

By testing different subject lines, images, offers, content, etc., you can get the answers you are looking for and improve the return on investment in email marketing over time.

You will never get 100% of the people on your list to open the email. But you can keep trying.

You will never get 100% of the people who open your email to click through. But you can keep trying.

The perfect email is unattainable. But you can get closer with every send.

That’s why we test!