How to Land That Job – Part 5


As the hiring market picks up and new technologies put marketers in high demand, it is important to be ready to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. With that, welcome to our weekly blog series on getting that marketing job you’ve always wanted. Each week we will discuss a new tip or technique you can use to land that job you’re after. Last week’s topic was Do Your Research.

This week’s topic = Pitch an Idea

At this point, you have found a job that you’re interested in. You have prepared your resume and online portfolio to make yourself more attractive to the hiring manager. You have gotten an invitation to interview. And you’ve done research on the company to prepare for the interview.

Now, before you get to the interview, I have one more piece of advice that will help you stand out from other candidates - come up with an idea.

Assume for a second that you got the job. What would be one of the first things that you did? How could you impact the company in a positive way in your first day?

Answer that question for them in the interview. Present it in a way that shows you have done your homework and you see an opportunity that they might not have thought of before. It will demonstrate your value and creativity outside of standard interview answers to standard interview questions.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you apply for social media manager for a small apparel brand. In your research, you find that they are missing out on a key opportunity to develop a community on Facebook dedicated to sharing photos of people wearing the brand all over the world. So you create a proposal, as if you were a marketing firm trying to win their business, and pitch it to them during the interview.

Maybe they have heard that idea before. Maybe they hate the idea for one reason or another. But at least you got them thinking, and you showed them that you were already thinking about helping them grow their business.

Some companies will ask for this. Some will test your skills in other ways. But most will be completely caught off guard, in a good way, by a job applicant pitching them an idea.

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