The #1 Reason You Need Email Marketing


The number one reason that you ought to be using email marketing is that, compared to all other marketing channels and mediums, it costs you nothing incrementally.

Here is what I mean.

When you advertise in print, you pay for each ad. When you send direct mail, you pay for each piece. When you advertise on Google, you pay for each click. And I could come up with a thousand different examples where all I am doing is saying the same thing.

With most marketing channels, the more you do, the more you pay.

But with email, that’s not the case. If you subscribe to an email marketing service, of course there is a cost. But depending on what service level you use, what volume of emails you send or subscribers you have, you don’t pay per email.

Incrementally, it costs me no more to send John Smith two emails instead of one, or three instead of two. It costs me no more to send to 500 people instead of 300.

Email marketing is efficient and affordable. You can reach more people, more often, than any other marketing channel.

So what are you waiting for?