How to Create Better Landing Page Content

Yesterday’s post was all about creating better online advertisements in an effort to get people to click through to your website. But what if your problem is not that people won’t click, it’s that once they click through and land on your site, they don’t stick around?

Well that could be a problem with your landing page.

Here’s a six step process to create a better landing page experience and get more of those visitors to turn into paying customers:

  1. Make sure your landing page is specific to the ad. The worst thing you can do is send people to a generic page on your site that has nothing to do with the ad they just clicked in from. Your landing page should orient the visitor and show them what they expected to see based on the ad they clicked on.
  2. Eliminate all potential confusion. Once you’ve got the right landing page developed, the next step is to clean it up. Landing pages don’t need the full site navigation. The goal is to give people one clear call to action. Too many options or places to click just adds confusion and makes your message less powerful. Don’t add anything to the page that takes away from the end goal.
  3. Tell people what you want them to do. Don’t be shy about telling people what the end goal is. If you want them to fill out a form, provide the form front and center and tell them in your copy why they should fill it out. If you want them to call you, put that phone number in big bold type and give them a reason to dial. Whatever the action is, make sure to call their attention to it in a big way.
  4. Employ a quick video. Video is the new copy for web pages. You can showcase experts, or customers, or people from the business explaining what you do and why you’re so good at it. Videos on landing pages get watched, and they are some of the most effective sales tools you have at your disposal. Spend the money to do it right and add it to your landing pages today.
  5. Give them all the information they need to make a decision. Don’t skimp on content just because you think they don’t want to read. Make sure people have their questions answered, otherwise they won’t take action. If they don’t trust you, or they don’t think you can help them, you’ve lost their interest.
  6. Test alternative versions. Just like anything else, don’t be satisfied with just one version of your landing pages. They are a great thing to test. Send people to two different versions and measure which one performs best. When you have a winner, try to beat it with something new. Always be testing.